Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

April 22, 2020

Your well being is important at any time but your mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic is particularly crucial.

At this difficult time when we are all in isolation and spending more time at home, you may be feeling more stressed and anxious and also worried about how the Coronavirus outbreak will change your life.

We cannot go out to see our friends and family and, under the UK government guidance, we have been told to stay at home. Many of us have been asked to work from home if we can and this may make you feel alone and depressed.

First you must take care of yourself, and look after your own mental health and well being. Make sure you wash your hands before preparing any food and eat regularly, stay hydrated and continue to take any medication that has been prescribed for you.

Stay in touch with your family and friends digitally if you can, through Skype or Facetime. Give them a telephone call or send a text message- they will probably be feeling as isolated as you and will be glad to speak to you.

Listen to the radio or TV if you think your house is a little too quiet.

Try to keep your day as normal as possible by getting up at the same time and follow your usual routines as much as you can.

Your physical health is also important. Try to be active, along with the hour allowed outside of the house for physical exercise like walking, jogging or cycling. Why not dance to music, clean the house, do the ironing or even run up and down the stairs? There are also plenty of fitness videos available online.

Make sure you get some sunlight and fresh air. Sit in the garden or do some gardening, or just sit by an open window and watch the birds.

Keep your brain occupied. Read a book, do a jigsaw or a crossword puzzle or even watch a film. Be creative and do a drawing or painting.

If you are feeling anxious have a place in the house where you can go and feel safe.

Stay connected with up to date events but be careful where your news comes from as on social media sites people often put fake news which may make you even more worried.

Follow the government guidelines and stay safe.

The coronavirus is a global pandemic right now with a high death rate, mostly of elderly people with existing health conditions. Under public health guidance you are advised to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water as often as you. Ensure you are using hand sanitiser gel in between and social distance yourself by at least 2 meters to avoid the spread of coronavirus Covid-19.

The main symptoms of coronavirus are a high temperature and a continuous cough. If you think you may have the coronavirus you need to self-isolate for 14 days. You can find more information on the NHS website. If your symptoms are severe, do not go to your GP surgery, but call 111 or contact NHS 111 online.