New Smoking Laws Introduced To The UK In May 2020

New Smoking Laws Introduced To The UK In May 2020

July 28, 2020

New smoking laws have been introduced in the UK from May 2020. Discover what the new laws are and find out just how much you could save if you decide now is the time to quit!

On 20th May 2020, the UK Government introduced more stringent measures to try and curb the number of people smoking, and as a preventative measure to those who may be tempted to start.

Bans have been placed on selling menthol cigarettes, flavoured rolling tobacco, slim cigarettes, and the click type cigarettes that make ‘normal’ cigarettes become menthol flavoured. As from 20th May, you can no longer purchase these products.

It is widely believed that these tobacco products are seen as more tempting to try for a first-time smoker and it’s hoped that the ban will force a number of smokers to quit.

Cancer Research UK estimates that smoking is the greatest cause of preventable illnesses and early death.

So, what would happen if you stopped smoking? Well, besides financial benefits, firstly there are health benefits such as these…….

And secondly, the financial rewards…….

Seeing it written in front of you certainly makes you think, even if now is not your time to quit. Imagine, what could you spend that surplus cash on? A new car, a couple of great holidays, even a deposit for a flat or house!

Giving up smoking isn’t, by far, an easy thing to do and it’s not to be taken lightly. The NHS has free services to help you stop when you choose to, and in the meantime, you can start to plan what you’ll spend that spare cash on!

And just imagine – you don’t want to go on your first date having just had a cigarette, it could put off your date!