Things That Women Like On A Man

Things That Women Like On A Man

September 22, 2020

For those of you looking for love, here are some handy tips for what women may like on a man!

Women love men to be smart and there is no better way to look smart than wearing a suit. Normally suits are not worn on dates but a suit can say many things such as meaning you have high standards, you are masculine, you have status or you are successful and a lot of women like that.

Women also like men to wear jeans but they have got to be well fitted jeans. No woman likes jeans on a man that are ill fitting, too baggy, hanging down around your waist or too long. Sometimes it is hard to find a pair of jeans that are just right for you. Try to wear a different size or try a different fit or style of denim to what you would normally wear. You may see a difference!

If a woman wants to touch you, then  the feel of your clothes means a lot. If your sweater is made of material like cashmere or wool, women think you have a sensitive side that is loving and warm. This can also add to your manliness.  It will have a better softer feel than one made of acrylic or polyester.

V neck sweaters can also play a part as long as they only have a small V as this will build up your chest and also the balance between casual and smart. These sweaters are also a safe bet for nearly all occasions. But bear in mind, a V that is too low may overexpose the chest  and may not be what many women want to see.

Footwear is another thing that women notice. Flimsy or worn out shoes can look cheap and mean that you do not really care too much about yourself, whereas a stylish leather pair of shoes indicates you have taste, status and sometimes wealth. A good pair of shoes can show that you take pride in yourself.

Most women prefer their men to wear boxer shorts as long as they are close fitting and not too big or baggy, which is not a good look. Y fronts are also not a good look and could put many women off.

A good wrist watch can also mean a lot, because it could show you are a good timekeeper and punctual if you were to meet- no woman wants to be kept waiting!

Women like their men to smell nice so choosing a fragrance to suit you is a must and don’t overdo it by spraying too much.

Your smile is one of the first things that women will notice, and is very effective. Often people that smile most have better health and personal hygiene, so don’t forget to brush your teeth and freshen your breath. No woman will take any notice of a man that has bad teeth or breath.

And lastly,of things that women like to see on a man, it is themselves. If you are a good man that takes care and pride in what they do, if you pay attention, give romantic gestures, if you have a good sense of humour and make a woman feel safe then these things will attract women to you and they will always want to be on your arm.

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