Does He Like Me? 10 Ways to Know

Does He Like Me? 10 Ways to Know

May 6, 2020

He likes me, he likes me not…. now that is the real question. Every Flirtio lady has found herself overthinking this: analysing the texts, replaying conversations and mixed signals over and over in your mind. But how can you know for sure?

Take a look at our top tell-tale signs so you can save yourself the worrying and enjoy Flirtio. If you’ve spotted the signs below in your date or conversation, lucky you!

1. He asks questions

Let’s say you’re both at that oh-so-crucial texting stage, it can be hard to tell what the other person is thinking over text. But if he seems interested in your life and asks personal questions about your hobbies, interests, or maybe your favourite film, you’ve almost definitely caught his eye and he is thinking about ideas for you both to spend more time together.

2. Conversation flowing, not just the wine!

 Say you’ve got to the first date – congratulations!! Now, most people need a bit of dutch courage for first-date nerves, but you should both be so busy chatting that you forget about that over-priced wine whose name you can’t pronounce. If you both have lots to say, that’s a sign that he feels comfortable and you know your interests match (without the hundreds of personality tests).

3. Remembers details later in the conversation shows he’s paying attention

Everyone knows that men struggle to remember anything you tell them for more than two seconds. So, if he picks up on something you mentioned briefly a few days ago, it shows he has been paying attention, bingo!

4. Physical contact e.g. touch your arm

When he’s talking to you and when he’s laughing at something you’ve just said, he might put his hand on your shoulder or knee. If he’s letting you ahead out of the restaurant, he’ll probably put his hand on your lower back.These are all flashing lights that he’s into you! It’s not even conscious most of the time, he can’t help it, but when a man is attracted to you, he’ll find little excuse to touch.

5. Teasing and compliments

Remember in the playground when boys used to tease you or tell you a joke? They were signs that he had a crush on you and even as adults, men tend to give little light-hearted digs if he feels that you are on the same wavelength.

6. Double texting

Everyone agonises over whether they should wait to send another text, if they seem too keen, how long he has taken to reply. Ladies, men are scared to ‘act weird’ too! If he double-texts you (send two texts in a row), this shows confidence and that he is demonstrating his interest for you to start dating.

7. Eye contact

Prolonged eye-contact is a good sign that you’ve caught his attention. Once you’re on that date, is he looking into your eyes for a long time, or is he looking for the exit? That is why a guy’s eyes are the first thing you need to pay attention to when you are wondering if he is into you.

8. Leans in when he talks

A man’s body language can tell you almost everything about what he is thinking! If he leans towards you, he can’t resist the urge to be close to you.

9. He asks to follow you on social media

“Can I add you on Facebook?” is the new “can I get your number?”. Everyone uses social media to connect nowadays so if a super cute guy wants to connect with you after the date, then likes or comments on your photos, he is absolutely thinking of you. Top tip: if he likes one of your photos from a while back, you’re always on his mind and is keen to learn more about you!

10. He seems nervous…

Does he seem mega confident online and then when you finally meet, this* happens?  *Fidgeting, sweaty palms, stuttering…… Guys on a date are anxious to impress, especially when they’re with someone they’re super attracted to, especially if he’s a pretty shy guy.

Just remember- before you add them to your social media where they can see your posts, check your social media profile with Notty to make sure there isn’t anything you don’t want them to see.

Et voilà, ladies! Our top ten subtle indicators that he’s really into you. Next time you go on a date or match with someone’s profile, you will never be left wondering what he’s actually thinking.

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