What Should I Wear on a First Date?

What Should I Wear on a First Date?

July 28, 2020

So, you’ve bagged yourself that first date, congratulations! This can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience and the last thing you wanted to be worrying about is your outfit when you’re talking to the man of your dreams. Before you start to panic over what you should wear on your first date, have a quick read of our key tips to show off your best self on the night…

1. General rule: day dates versus dinner date

First things first, where are you going to meet the man of your dreams? A local beer garden, or swanky Italian restaurant? The location will decide what kind of outfit you wear, as you wouldn’t turn up to a takeaway shop in a cocktail dress! The general rule is that day outfits are more casual than evening outfits, so bear this in mind when you’re planning your outfit!

2. Confidence!

This is perhaps the most important tip, because if you feel good on your date, you’ll look fabulous and exude confidence. Maybe this could be a top that’s got you hundreds of compliments at work or that dress that brings out your curves. 

3. Something you can walk, talk and breathe in

That being said, be careful! Although you look fabulous in that new miniskirt, remember that you’ll be wearing it for the whole date, so your date night outfits do need to be comfortable as well. Remember, clothes don’t need to be tight-fitting to look stylish; trends like bootcut jeans and puff sleeve blouses are really in right now!

4. Patterns and Prints

Wearing a print or loud style can seem a bit out of your comfort zone but it’s such a great way to make your personality and style stand out! Why not try a cute polka-dot blouse for day dates, or pin-striped cigarette trousers for a chic evening look? However, just stick to the one; two patterns will clash, but one bold pattern will make your outfit pop!

5. Colours

What colour to wear? We would suggest choosing a colour that you think suits your skin tone or hair colour – ask a friend for help! If you’re still stuck, you can’t go wrong with a dramatic black outfit (a go-to colour choice because it goes with any other colour, so match your black piece with a bold coloured handbag, lipstick, or heel). If you’re feeling confident, red is seductive, feminine colour, and really makes a statement. Add a dash of red to any outfit to instantly grab your guy’s attention.

6. Jewellery and heels

There’s no need to go spending hundreds on a new outfit when you can dress up more casual clothes that you already have in your wardrobe. Jewellery and some high heels can dress up virtually any outfit. This is especially handy if you’re meeting for after-work drinks. No need to cram another outfit into your handbag; just take an elegant necklace, eye-catching bracelet or bright heels and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

7. Eyeshadow tones 

If you want him to stare deep into your eyes, be sure to choose a colour that makes your eyes pop! For blue eyes, silver shimmery tones look super elegant. Try coppers and gold for brown eyes, and wintery greens or deep purple for green. The recommended colours are opposites on the colour chart, so the sharp contrasts make your natural eye colour stand out.

8. Learn one quick, elegant hairstyle

So, you’ve said on your profile that you love long walks through the park – best to learn a simple but flattering hairdo that you can whip out for those outdoor dates. To keep the wind out of your eyes, we suggest a half-updo, a high-bun or a messy bun. These ten-second styles only need a single hair grip, so you’ll be ready for any date!

9. Perfume 

You want your date to fall for you, but this doesn’t mean knocking him out with clouds of perfume! For a subtle scent, simply spray your perfume on the inside of your wrist, on your neck and… in your hair! While this seems a bit strange, it has been proven that perfume lasts longest in your hair, so give it a go.

10. Last-minute checks

It would be a shame to have spent hours meticulously planning your outfit, fixing your hair and makeup, just to nip to the bathroom and find you had lipstick on your teeth! Take five minutes just to check that you’ve not got any marks on the outfit and that you’ve taken the labels off any new clothes!

11. Don’t forget the nails! 

One thing that people often overlook is their nails, but untidy nails really spoil your glamorous look. We suggest keeping it classy with a simple French polish (fake nails are a lifesaver if you can’t do it yourself). However, if you’re feeling bold, go for a bright red to show your glamorous side!

If you feel great in what you’re wearing, you’ll look great. There’s no perfect first date outfit out there – you should absolutely look and feel yourself. Confidence is absolutely everything, so put your best heel forward and go get ‘em!

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