Top Ten Dating Don’ts

Top Ten Dating Don’ts

January 10, 2017

You stare at the clock in anticipation of your hot date, wishing you could get past the whole “getting to know you” stage and go straight to the watching rom coms on rainy days, sharing entrees at fancy Italian restaurants, and occasionally hating each other’s guts. The colossal moments leading up to a first date can be tantalizing. You’ve most likely heard the saying, “you never get a second chance at making a first impression,” which goes without saying. That is, with the exception of Adam Sandler’s character in the Hollywood Blockbuster 50 First Dates. Most people only get one chance at making a first impression, and for this reason, you’ve got to make it count.

So while you should always be true to yourself, it is important to be mindful of others and to consider how you behave in order to avoid some cringe-worthy moments. Turn on that smooth-talking charm, be a little mysterious, and show the person what a total catch you are. Whether you’re fine dining or simply meeting for coffee, these primal moments you spend together have the power to leave a lasting impression and determine whether there will be a second date. Don’t take any chances with the following bonafide deal breakers check out these simple dating guidelines to ensure that both you and your date have a wonderful time.

1. Don’t drink more than you can handle.

Bottomless mimosas may seem like a good idea… until your brunch turns into a full day excursion and you’re charging your phone in an uber, half way to Tijuana with a person you just met an hour ago. True story.

2. Don’t make excessive plans for the future.

Although you may be excited that you and your date are jiving over a growing list of common interests, planning a weekend at the zoo or naming your children before your entree dish arrives at the table is a definite first date no no. While your date may find the sense of eagerness endearing, chances are that you will most likely scare him or her away with your excitement.  

3. Don’t talk about your past relationships.

Keep your past flames in the past. While there is a time and place for everything, this is not it! Save the drama for your mama. Your date is not interested in your break up and if you feel the need to share, you might not be ready to enter the dating scene in the first place.

4. Don’t share your whole life story.

This is not an all exclusive interview with Barbara Walters, or a session with your therapist. There is no need for you to talk up a storm. Less is oftentimes more, so steer clear of sharing personal details of your life right off the bat. You want to leave some things to the imagination.

5. Don’t be on your phone.

A crucial piece of cell phone etiquette set your phone aside and do not let yourself get distracted by your pool of incoming text messages. While you may be tempted to snapchat that delicious looking filet mignon, do not give in to the temptation. Simply savor your steak and save the snapping for the third or fourth date.

6. Don’t eat garlic or smelly foods.

You’ve been eyeing the carmelized brussel sprouts on the menu, but it is not worth it! Better safe than sorry. Think about the repercussions.

7. Don’t get too physical.

Keep the physical contact to a minimum until you feel like your date is comfortable. Read his or her body signals and pay attention to the vibes you are given throughout the night.

8. Don’t under dress.

Dress to impress. Also, be sure to dress for the occasion, or in other words, do not be wearing your sweats to the steakhouse.

9. Don’t yawn or zone out.

You should be actively listening and taking mental notes as your date is talking. This is not the time to be making a mental to-do list! A yawn gives off the impression that you’re bored or that you are not interested in what is being said.

10. Don’t sweat the small things.

Complaining about the subpar service at the sandwich joint your grubbing at may seem like a harmless side thought, however, your date may take your negative energy as a form of nagging. Keep it light and go with the flow.