Things You Shouldn’t Say on a Date

Things You Shouldn’t Say on a Date

April 8, 2020

Some people are more confident than others in the dating department, so it’s no surprise that some people will find dating easier than others. Everyone is different so there can’t be many right or wrongs when it comes to dating, and surely not a list of things you shouldn’t say on a date – or is that simply not the case? It may be a good idea to stay away from certain topics…

Refrain From Mentioning Previous Dates

If you’ve been looking for love for a while, there’s a big chance you’ve been on multiple dates prior to the one you’re currently prepping for. Whatever they may be, there’ll be reasons those dates didn’t work out, whether they were on your part or your date’s. Your current date doesn’t need to know how many dates you’ve been on, or the reasons why you’ve previously been unlucky in love, unless the reasons are relevant.

Don’t Just Talk About Yourself

Don’t let ‘me, me, me’ become your favourite topic – focus on your date as opposed to focusing on just yourself. Ask questions, be interested and listen during your conversations, to avoid coming across in a self obsessed manner.

Avoid Speaking About Past Relationships

Keep clear of your previous relationships, as you don’t want your date to feel they’re being compared to other people you’ve been in relationships with. On the other hand, if your date directly asks you about your history with relationships, answer their questions if you feel comfortable. Mention that you are divorced, for example, while keeping the inner details to yourself for another time.

Express Your Opinions with Care

Quite rightly, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Our thoughts and opinions play a huge role in making us unique, but can also cause damage if they aren’t expressed sensitively around certain subjects. For example, your date has a rather unflattering dress or suit on – don’t bring it up in conversation. Your date may be questioning an item of your clothing too.

Talking About Money

Whatever your financial situation is like, keep it a mystery for now – even if it is something to brag about. Don’t advertise how much money you do (or don’t) have, although there is a chance that certain things can give a hint at what your income may be – while discussing careers, for example, or the clothes and accessories you are wearing.

Enjoy Yourself

If you have been in the dating game for a long time, you may be starting to get a bit fed up. Don’t lose hope, and be positive around new people. Perhaps you’ve had no luck meeting people while you’re out, and online dating doesn’t usually work for you – that can easily change. A negative attitude towards dating can equally have a negative impact on the outcome of your date, as the two have been known to work hand in hand.