Keeping Your Independence When You’re in a Relationship

Keeping Your Independence When You’re in a Relationship

March 27, 2017

When you meet that special someone, it doesn’t mean that time for yourself suddenly has to vanish, and the need for alone time doesn’t mean you don’t value time with your partner. You still have family, friends, and hobbies when you become part of a couple – you shouldn’t feel like you need to ignore them.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and alone time can also lead to a more enriched and fulfilled life, so if you’ve been feeling like all your time is dedicated to your significant other, try the following tips:

1. Schedule time for activities to do alone.

Don’t get in the habit of constantly putting someone else before yourself. Have you skipped out on your yoga class for the past month? Get back to it! Been putting off a spa day? Treat yourself! Once you’ve scheduled alone time, stick to it.

2. Visit home.

Your significant other doesn’t need to accompany you on every home visit. Even if your family loves your significant other, your relationship with them deserves some quality solo time too.

3. Hang out with your friends.

No one wants to be the person who drops all their friends as soon as a love interest enters their life. Respect your friendships by dedicating time to see how your friends are doing.

4. Do some traveling.

If you’ve been trying to travel for some time now but are having a difficult time scheduling with your partner, go alone! You’ll get a ton of me time and can come back refreshed with plenty of stories to share.