How To Make Your Online Dating Profile Look Good

How To Make Your Online Dating Profile Look Good

April 24, 2020

Creating an online dating profile for the first time can be a very daunting experience for a lot of people. From choosing your profile picture and writing a small bio to sharing your likes and interests, what can you do to make sure you get noticed? Read on for how to make your dating profile look good and to get people viewing it!

Once you have chosen your online dating site(s), you need to decide what you want to put on there. Consider what will make someone want to read more about you. It doesn’t have to be the funniest and certainly not the longest, sometimes simple is all that is needed.

Ask yourself what you are looking for

Do you wish to find true love online or would you prefer something more casual? There is nothing wrong with either, just be sure that you are upfront about what you want. This may also affect which dating app you opt for.

Writing a profile

The first rule to abide by is, to be honest! If you can’t be honest, why should you expect someone else to be? People appreciate, and actively look for, honesty.

By being true to yourself and others, that potential love match is off to a good start! You won’t have to keep up an act when the time comes for a real-life date.

Keep your biography simple, but don’t leave anything blank. Use all of the tools available to show someone who you really are. Write about yourself- likes and dislikes, favourite films and music, your children and pets. On that last point, be honest that you have children, why would you want to hide them?

Ask open questions on your profile- these are questions that need an answer other than yes and no. Ask things like:

  • What is the most recent film you have seen?
  • What are you listening to at the moment?
  • Where was your favourite holiday taken?
  • What animals do you have?
  • What book are you reading?
  • What is your favourite Netflix series?
  • What is the best gig you have been to?
  • Where is your best-loved walk?

These are all terrific conversation starters and you can very quickly discover that person’s likes and dislikes too.

Profile picture

This is someone’s first impression and you know the saying about those! Your profile photo should be full and clear, many people are put off by blurry photos. Don’t wear sunglasses or a hat or anything that may disguise you. Potential dates like to see your eyes and your smile!

Don’t use a group photo as your main image, no one likes to be left guessing which member of the group you are. You need to stand out!

You’ll also get more interest with a full-body shot too. Some of you may not feel confident, but just try! If you don’t, you have quickly lessened your chances of meeting the right person. Show off a little!

And finally, keep it natural. Believe it or not, few people genuinely set out to match with a filtered bunny or zombie.

Now you have someone’s interest….

Be open to whatever comes your way. If you have a ‘type’ and things have never worked out, try chatting to someone who isn’t directly your type if they contact you.

By this point, you probably have a thousand things swirling through your head, all of which will be entirely normal. “What do I say” “What if that person thinks I’m boring” “What if we have nothing in common?”

Firstly, if that person has contacted you, the chances are high that they have read your profile and like what they see. There is a good chance that they feel you have something in common too.

If you are the one that likes another’s profile, contact them! What have you got to lose? Something on their profile has caught your eye so why would it be inconceivable that you won’t catch their attention?

Ask those open questions, get answers and background info. Keep it simple and don’t go into an eternal monologue about yourself. Suss out if you do want to go further with it. It may be that it naturally progresses without you thinking about, in which case, great!

You may be lucky that you hit it off with someone the first time you post your profile. Let’s be honest though, it won’t happen like that for everyone. If it doesn’t work out, start again! Ask a friend for their opinion about your profile- take constructive criticism if it is given.

Above all, be yourself. Whatever makes you YOU is exactly what somebody out there is looking for!!

When connecting on social media to someone you want to date, check what your online self says about you. Using Notty will tell you what others see about you and the top 5 personality traits.