Getting Prepped for the First Date!

Getting Prepped for the First Date!

March 6, 2017

What starts as a friendly exchange of messages should, if things are going well, lead to a first date. If you need some help getting prepped for that all-important first date, follow these steps:

1. Pop the question!

To get a first date set up, someone needs to suggest meeting up. If you find that the conversation has been going well and you click with the person you’ve been chatting with, ask them if they’d like to meet up for a date. Remember, anyone can do the asking.

2. Set a location.

Pick somewhere that’s convenient for the both of you, preferably a halfway point. You may also want to pick something not too lengthy for a first date – think coffee, lunch, or drinks rather than dinner and a movie.

3. Keep the conversation going.

If you both agree to meet up, that doesn’t mean you have to discontinue communication online before meeting up. You should also contact each other the day of the date to confirm things.

4. Don’t be nervous.

Going on a first date can be really nerve-wracking, but remember that you’re both in the same boat. You’ve enjoyed your conversation with the person, and in person, it might be even better. Stay optimistic!

5. See if you have chemistry.

The point of your date is to see if your conversation online can lead to a meaningful relationship. If you find that you are attracted to the person and have chemistry, start getting ready for that second date!