Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters

September 1, 2016

Being single can be pretty hard sometimes. You want to meet someone but you don’t know how, you want to start a conversation but don’t know what to say, you like the person but aren’t sure if you should say anything yet. There are so many challenges in meeting someone when you are single that sometimes it could be easier to just say screw it I’ll become a hermit. But if you are willing to put yourself out there here are some suggestions of fantastic conversation starters that will give you a little boost when it comes to dating.

1. Have you been to an event like this before?

This question is a great way to open up a topic of discussion. Whether the person says yes or no you can continue the conversation either way. If no, then you can follow up with “oh, these things are great” or “Really? That’s awesome the first one’s always the most exciting” or something along those lines. If yes, then you can keep it going by inquiring “how many of you gone to” or “do you enjoy them” etc. You can then steer the conversation towards “hey what’re you drinking, let’s go get a drink” if the venue has a bar.

2. How do you know the host?

A great way to get to know someone is to try and find the things you guys have in common. Or touch on things that are familiar to both of you. So clearly if you are a party and you see someone whom you’ve never seen before you can assume that by the fact that she or he is there they know the host or they know someone who knows the host. This question can immediately lead to a story and then having the question asked in return and voila, you’ve got a conversation starter.

3. Do you have any pets?

If there is an animal around use it to your advantage. Focus on the pet and use it as a way for you to get to the person. For instance you see a guy at a party playing with the host’s dog. You can comment “isn’t [the dog’s name] cute?” or “he/she really likes you! Do you have any pets?” anything that will eventually turn the attention to your person if interest.

4. That dress is beautiful on you, do you usually wear the color red?

Use clothing as a tool as well. Compliments go a long way and will add to your charm immediately. Be careful not to say anything sleazy, sexist, or stupid though. Don’t bring up a specific body part or ogle too much.

5. Are you watching Game Of Thrones?? How crazy was the last episode?

It’s a really good idea to bring up a very popular tv show or movie that everyone seems to be fixated on at the time being. Whether it is the new season of House of Cards or a crazy new show that everyone you know is raving about it would be foolish of you not to take a chance and see if your person of interest is also into the craze. If they are an example of something to say later on in the conversation would be “we should watch it together sometime.” Bam! There you go.

Always use your surroundings as conversation starters. The most important thing is to PAY ATTENTION. If you overhear the person speaking a different language you can approach them with “hey do you speak any other languages” or if you see a girl struggling to carry a bunch of drink over to her group of friends you go over there and help her out, believe me she will be grateful and impressed that you noticed and came over to help. Do not start out to seriously or deep since it might come off as peculiar, for instance asking “what is your biggest regret?” right off the bat might bring up some emotions that the person is trying to run away from thus making you look like the schmuck for bringing it up. Stay cool and stay calm you got this.