5 Pieces Of Dating Advice For Men

5 Pieces Of Dating Advice For Men

October 14, 2016

If we could somehow make dating “user-friendly” life would be significantly less stressful. But we can’t, so we’re stuck having to navigate the waters ourselves however choppy they might be. So is there anything that we can do to make the act of dating a even a tiny bit easier? Well yes men of this world, just always remember these 5 key tips and you should have smoother sailing.

1. Mind Your Manners

It is incredibly important to remember to act like as much of a gentleman as you possibly can. Be the opposite of “chivalry is dead” because it’s NOT dead and you will not let it die. Great manners can score you a lot of points with your date so don’t forget that there might be a little more in it for you at the end if you act like the true gentleman that you know you are. Remember, pick someone near and dear to your heart, for instance your mother, and treat your date in the way you would want your loved one (in this case your mother) to be treated. With that being said you also don’t want to go overboard and look inauthentic, as if you’re only putting on a show to get to a certain end goal (sex).

2. Be Confident And Stay Confident

Confidence is a huge turn on no matter who shows it. So it is especially important that you show your date that you are self-assured. Being too sensitive or moody can be an instant turn-off. Nobody wants to go on a date with someone who keeps getting offended by every little comment or someone who cannot take a joke. Roll with the punches, don’t be overly-confident so that it doesn’t come off as douchey, and just relax.

3. Don’t Try To Go Overboard/Showoff

Whether it has to do with the date itself or when it comes to talking about yourself don’t be too show-offy and theatrical. Make the date easy, casual, and something you’d do regardless. If you’re day to day car isn’t a Bentley then don’t go rent one just so that you can show up in a Bentley. And when it comes to getting to know one another and talking about yourself, try not to sound braggy and show-offy. It’s a huge turn-off for the other person. Be yourself, stay confident, and show your true self.

4. Run Your Plans (and Outfit Choice) By A Mate

Second opinions can sometimes be the best thing that ever happened to you. So if you’ve chosen an outfit but are usually clueless in that department go ask a friend their opinion. Sometimes you might not see what somebody else sees. And as for your date plans, if something feels off to you then go ahead and ask for a separate opinion. Your excitement might cloud your judgement and your friends are there to help.

5. Pay Attention To Your Date, And Only Your Date

Keep your eyes, nose, ears, head, attention, and anything else you can think off trained at your date. Roaming eyes are always noticeable when you are on a date with someone and it’s a huge no no. Nobody wants to feel like their date is looking for a better option or that he is ogling other people. Make your date feel like it’s just the two of you and nothing else. What time is it? Who cares. That girl looking over at you from across the room? She doesn’t exist. Is there a game on you’ve been meaning to catch? Coordinate so that your back is to the TV. You got this.