4 Awesome Dating Tips for Women

4 Awesome Dating Tips for Women

March 16, 2017

Dating is fun, but sometimes we get into our heads and make it harder than it needs to be. After a string of bad first dates, it might be tempting to give up on your dating life altogether, but finding a special someone is always so worth it. We can’t promise that you’ll never had another bad first date, but here are some great tips for improving your dating life:

1. Get out of your comfort zone.

If you’ve found that you’re typically meeting love interests at bars, it might be a good idea to change things up a little. Get out of your comfort zone, and broaden your potential for meeting someone interesting. Sign up for a 5k, go to a concert, or try online dating.

2. Show interest when it’s genuine.

If you’re interested in someone, show them! There’s no need to play so hard to get that the person has no idea that you’d want to go out. If they feel like they have no hope of getting a date with you, they’ll likely move on, so show interest when it’s genuine.

3. Move on if you’re not interested.

If you’ve gone out on several dates with someone and still feel no chemistry, don’t waste your or their time. If you’re not having fun and see no future with this person, they shouldn’t be your temporary cure for loneliness. It’s not fair to them, and you’re missing out on chances to meet someone who might really like.

4. Keep trying.

The dating life can be rough, but don’t stop trying to meet the one. Even if the process hasn’t yet led you to your soulmate, dating can help you learn a lot about yourself and make for some really great memories and stories. So don’t quit and learn to love the journey!